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Researchers at The University of Arizona are helping children to recover from severe nerve poisoning following a scorpion sting. Their work studying the effectiveness of a scorpion-specific antivenom has provided added benefits for rural communities, making the powerful treatment available to anyone in Arizona who needs it.

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How To Kill Scorpions Handbook.

We offer a complete in-depth know-how manual on getting rid of Scorpions from your home and backyard, how to kill scorpions and how to permanently remove scorpions. Whether you live in Arizona, Texas, California or Nevada, if you have scorpion problems, our How To Kill Scorpions manual can help!

If you're not scorpion free after 3 months, you are entitled to a full refund of this manual! There are four (4) Phases to eliminating scorpions from your home fast: This manual is an instantly downloadable PDF. It has pictures, explanations, and a complete shopping list. What you need to buy, where to get it, how to apply it, where to apply it, how to seal your home inexpensively, where to search, and how to hunt and kill scorpions efficiently. This manual will also teach how to do this without pesticides! These methods can be used for all scorpion species.
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How To Eliminate Scorpions In Your Home, A Do-It-Yourself Manual

  • Got Scorpions?
    Are you tired of watching your every step? Checking your bed at night before you sleep? Constantly worried about “Scorpions”? Spending countless hours trying to figure out how to get rid of these only to find partial information and companies trying to sell you a service? .
  • How-To Ebook Manual
    Our manual guarantees to teach you all of the secrets to a scorpion free house and while we promise to make do on the title, this manual will also teach you how to do this with eco- friendly pesticides and no pesticides without actually killing scorpions (for those of you that want to be environmentally safe and those that feel compelled not to hurt them).
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    After three months you will have a much more relaxed feeling around your house and your hard work will pay off. After three months, no more constantly thinking about them, watching every step, checking the sheets before you go to bed, you will just be on a regular maintenance schedule.